Unlocking Diagnosis – Fewer than half the people thought to have dementia have been formally diagnosed

Source: All-Party Parliamentary Group on Dementia (APPG) – Alzheimer’s Society

Follow this link for the full report:  Unlocking Diagnosis: The key to improving the lives of people with dementia  and Website

Date of publication: July 2012

Publication type: Report

In a nutshell:   Fewer than half the people thought to have dementia have been formally diagnosed, and those with a diagnosis may have waited up to a year for it to have their condition confirmed. These are the startling reminders published in the all-party parliamentary group on dementia’s latest report, Unlocking diagnosis.

The report found that there were problems throughout the process of diagnosis. These problems included people having poor understanding of dementia and therefore not going to see their to doctor, the issues faced by GPs and memory specialists in diagnosing people with dementia, and the problems with the quality of support offered immediately following diagnosis. In particular, the inquiry heard a large volume of evidence on problems in the following areas:

  • Public education
  • Primary care
  • Variability in memory services
  • Post diagnosis support
  • Process of the inquiry

Length of publication: 47 pages


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